Month: August 2023

The Many Uses For Acoustical Ceilings

The acoustic levels of a place can impact communication, comfort and productivity. Noise can be a source of stress, fatigue and poor performance. Sound-absorbing acoustical ceilings absorb and reflect sound to reduce reverberation. You can choose from a wide range of materials and styles including cementitious wooden fibers, foams, polyethylene Felts, and glass fiber reinforced gypsum tile.…

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How to Select the Right Tires for Off Road Vehicles

It's essential to choose the right tires for your off-road vehicle if you want to make sure they perform and look their best. 146 Kustom can provide expert advice on all the basics. The first number of a tire size series is the load index. The second number represents the speed rating. This is indicated…

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5 Crucial Care Recommendations for Your Generator

Maintaining a generator is an important task for all homeowners, but especially those who live in areas that are prone to power failures. Well-maintained generators can provide continuous power and protect home electrical appliances from damage. This article will guide readers through the five steps necessary to maintain generators. It also includes tips that may…

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